Do you know somebody?

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. That seems to be a good thought for all of us. Think with me about how much we need somebody in this church family. There is no importance placed upon the manner or the list in which I write about somebody.

  • Let’s address somebody who unlocked the church so we could enter.
  • How about somebody who was a greeter or an usher?
  • Do not forget somebody who made the lists for those jobs.
  • Somebody on the worship committee had a hand in our church service.
  • The hymnals were provided by somebody.
  • Oh, that bulletin was done by somebody.
  • The contents of the bulletin were supplied by somebody.
  • The altar flowers were supplied by somebody.
  • The right altar cloths had to be placed by somebody.
  • The sermon had to be prepared and delivered by somebody.
  • The scriptures had to be read by somebody and the list prepared by somebody.
  • The hymns had to be selected by somebody.
  • The choir had to be directed by somebody.
  • And somebody had to be willing to sing in the choir.
  • Somebody had to play the organ.
  • Most important, somebody had to show up for this service.
  • Somebody had to make an offering to the church.
  • We certainly have somebody who cleans our church facility.
  • Somebody gets to count the offering. Somebody takes the funds collected to the bank.

Thank God for somebody or this church would be closed. Sunday after Sunday somebody performs all these tasks and more, some for financial reward but most for spiritual reward.

I hope that you might be somebody we can count on at Old Zionsville UCC.

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Be Thankful in all things.

Peace, Lori

(This column originally appeared in a Bethany UCC, Bethlehem, 2009 newsletter and was written by Dan Sabetti. I altered it slightly. Thanks to Dan for his original thoughts and for being somebody!)

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