Help Needed

We have several areas in which we are looking for help. Perhaps something on this list will catch your eye so we can move forward in these areas.

  • We are looking for special talents to be shared this summer. Do you have a favorite poem? Do you have a favorite piece of Christian music? Would you like to sing? Any special talent would be welcome during our summer Sundays, July 4 – September 5. Worship starts at 9:00 a.m., and your special talents will enhance our service. Please speak with Pastor Lori if you would be willing to share.
  • We are planning to begin the Greeter schedule again starting in September. If you would like to be a Greeter before worship any Sunday, contact the church office and Brenda can get you started!
  • Sound System Operators are needed for Sunday morning services, funerals and other events in the sanctuary. Please let Pastor Lori know if you are interested. Training will be provided.
  • If you would like to help with our Worship service by being a Liturgist, please let church office know and you will be added to the schedule.
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Our Mission Statement

The mission of our church is to be a congregation devoted to our community where we experience and share the loving presence of God by teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, by celebrating God’s Word in the Bible, and through loving service to all people.