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September 2020 Newsletter

In September we focus on back to school. This year will be a whole new challenge on that topic. Many years ago, I took some training to be an Active Parenting Leader/Teacher. Here is one of the foundational lessons of that program: Preparing a child to courageously meet the challenges of life is perhaps the single most important aspect of Acting Parenting. Courage is such an important quality in today’s complex world of choices that it forms the very foundation upon which the child constructs his/her personality. From the French word “coeur,” meaning “heart,” courage is the “heart” that enables us to take risks. And it is through risk-taking that we are able to learn, because learning always means risking mistakes and failure before ultimately mastering a new skill. Courage is: The confidence to take a known risk for a known purpose. – Active Parenting Leader’s Handbook This new school year brings about a whole new meaning of courage. We are swimming in unchartered waters and will encounter many risks. Will we each have the confidence and courage to take risks with possible mistakes and failures along the way? With Jesus, I know we can!

Peace, Lori Esslinger

Part Time Pastor

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