Pastors of Old Zionsville UCC

Some of our pastors went on to accomplish more for Christ’s church beyond their service at Old Zionsville. Rev. Eli Keller, even in his retirement, wrote books, contributed to church papers, and also  wrote verse, especially Pennsylvania German poems. He was frequently heard in classis and synod meetings. He served on important church boards and was a delegate to General Synod. He wrote and published a volume that gave a complete history of the Keller family.

Rev. Dubbs was a Franklin and Marshall graduate who was ordained in his father’s church, Zion Church in Allentown. He was a trustee of Cedar Crest College and Kutztown State Normal School and served for 20 years as a director for Allentown National Bank. At the time of his leadership, our member was 500 people, with a Sunday School enrollment of 250.

Rev. Blatt started the first high school in the area at Shimerville. He was president of the Goshenhoppen Classis. He went to the General Synod as an area delegate. He was also an extraordinary gardener who planted hundreds of canna bulbs among other flowers around the parsonage.

Many of our ministers have accomplished much, not only in this church, but also in the denomination of the community.

John E. Hecker 1752—1766
John P. Leidich 1766—1771
John G. Wittner 1771—1779
John H. Heiffrich 1779—1810
Jacob W. DeChant 1811—1815
Daniel Zeller 1815—1857
Alfred J. G. Dubbs 1857—1871
Richard S. Appel 1871—1873
Daniel Weiser 1873—1874
Eli Keller 1874—1901
Orville S. Frantz 1901—1907
James N. Blatt 1907—1948
Alfred S. Mertz 1949—1963
Henry I. Aulenbach 1964
Calvin A. Wofgang 1964—1968
Karl Gabler 1969
Harry A. Kissinger 1969—1986
Charles Naugle 1987
James Adam 1987—1992
Rainelle Kimmel 1993
Douglas Hanson 1993—2001
David Schnaars 2002—2003
Thomas Nalesnik 2003—2006
Denise Fry 2006—2008
Robert Lewis 2008—2009
Gerald Smith 2009—2013
Paul Sandin 2014
Lori Esslinger 2015—present


Our Mission Statement

The mission of our church is to be a congregation devoted to our community where we experience and share the loving presence of God by teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, by celebrating God’s Word in the Bible, and through loving service to all people.

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