Committees and Groups

Each of our committees, groups, and associations have a faith-based purpose.


  • Christian Education
    Through sharing stories and music based on the Bible, we share teachings of Jesus Christ, which results in children and teenagers who are motivated to explore their faith on their own and to apply it throughout their lifetime.
  • Computers and Media
    The faith-based purpose of the Computer and Media Committee is to foster communication both inside and outside of Old Zionsville UCC (OZUCC). The committee promotes community, ideas, and activities by helping people experience and share the loving presence of God and to understand what OZUCC stands for and who we are. All Information Technology, including software and hardware, of OZUCC is maintained at an affordable price.
  • Finance
    The Financial Committee provides Consistory with advice and recommendations on all fiscal matters, including investment strategies, operating budgets, and payment of bills. By aligning these recommendations with the spiritual priorities of the church, this committee supports the mission of OZUCC.
  • Membership and Evangelism
    Through outreach to the community and sharing of our mission, we will work with the OZUCC congregation and pastor to grow our membership to 150 active members, with special emphasis on younger membership, within the next 3 years.
  • Outlook
    Through many church events including breakfasts, the cookie walk, candy sales, church picnics, and anniversary celebrations, this committee creates opportunities for the congregation and community to experience fellowship in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Personnel
    The Personnel Committee is responsible for nominations of elders and deacons and job descriptions, evaluation, and ongoing feedback to employees of OZUCC, which includes the Pastor. Through this, the committee plays a critical role in supporting the spiritual growth of the congregation.
  • Property
    The faith-based purpose of the Property Committee is to maintain a historically beautiful church for worship where we are able to experience and share the loving presence of God as a congregation and community. All property and equipment of OZUCC is maintained for an affordable price.
  • Worship & Music
    The faith-based mission for this committee is to spread the word of Jesus Christ through song, praise, and prayer by planning worship services and community events with other local churches.


  • Cemetery Association
    The faith-based purpose of the Old Zionsville Cemetery Association is to provide members of our church with a meaningful Christian burial that is a comforting experience for family and friends.
  • Faith Uniting Neighbors Group (F.U.N.)
    With Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are committed to providing social outreach opportunities to benefit our neighbors within our communities, as well as planning social activities for our church family.
  • Scouting
    In 1941, Boy Scout Troop 31 was established at Old  Zionsville UCC, and we’ve proudly sponsored them ever since. Over the years, we’ve seen over 85 young men attain Eagle Scout status.
  • Social & Aid Society
    The Social & Aid Society works to help preserve the church for worship in Jesus Christ for members today and for new members for generations to come.
  • Youth Group
    The faith-based purpose of the Old Zionsville youth group is to serve those in need in our local, national, and international communities. While doing this we have fun and grow in our understanding of our faith.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of our church is to be a congregation devoted to our community where we experience and share the loving presence of God by teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ, by celebrating God’s Word in the Bible, and through loving service to all people.

Postal Mail Address

Please use this address for all postal mail:

Old Zionsville UCC
P. O. Box 215
Old Zionsville, PA 18068

Find Us

Please use this address to locate our physical building (we cannot accept postal mail at this address; be sure to use our P.O. Box noted above for postal mail):

5981 Fountain Road
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