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Greetings All!

This has been an unprecedented season of Spring.  We have heeded instructions, been extra careful, and changed so much of our lives for the greater good of all. Now, as we start to find our way to a new normal, I want to give you some thoughts on how to realize and stay focused on the good in our lives.  It is very easy to get caught up in discontent, blame, and negative thinking. I know we have all learned some things during the quarantine and I want to be sure that we remember those learnings.  Ask yourself these questions:

1. What did I learn about my needs during the quarantine?

2.  What is most important to me?

3.  What did I miss the most during this time apart?

4.  What are the things I can let go as I come into the New Normal?

5.  What are the things I want to remember to do because of what I learned?

As you move through these questions and discover things about yourself, I also want to remind you to cling to the GOOD in your life.  Here are some suggestions (that I have condensed) from my friends at Becoming Minimalist.

1.  Say it out loud.  When you are alone, say this sentence out loud:

        “You know what, I’ve got it pretty good.”  Add more if you wish:  “I’ve got a good job that I enjoy, I have clothes on my back, I have my health…..”  Make the words your own but say them out loud to remind yourself that we do INDEED have it good.

2.  Practice gratitude, daily.  Every day, make yourself a mental list or even better, write down 5 things you are grateful for.  Try to mention five new things every day.  See how long you can keep up this practice before you have to repeat items but keep it up!  Do this while you have your morning coffee; while you commute to work; as prayer time or during exercise.  It is a wonderful thing to try to find five new things everyday to be grateful for.

3.  Remember what you liked in the first place.  Life isn’t perfect. So take the time to think back to what you enjoyed and liked way back when….example:  what were the qualities that drew you to your spouse initially?  What were you excited about when you moved into your apartment or house? etc. Focus back on the good.

4.  Remember the positives.  It is so easy to pick out the negatives.  Remember and repeat the positives. Sometimes you have to really look for them or think about it.  It CAN be done!   Example:  Maybe my car isn’t fancy but it is paid for.  My house may not be the biggest on the block but it is the easiest to clean.  Etc.

And lastly:  5.  Wage war against if/then thinking. Work as hard as you can to live the best life that you can live NOW. Example:  IF x happens, THEN I will be happy. That is a dangerous way to think.  It will prevent you from enjoying and living in the NOW.  Begin to appreciate all that you have today!

There is so much more to explore than just this simple list I have provided here. Let me know if you want to chat about this further.  I am ready and willing to move forward on this challenge and journey with you.


Lori Esslinger

Part Time Pastor


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